Hello and welcome to my website! Here you can find the cheapest facebook phone verified accounts on the whole internet.

Prices per account: 1-10 accounts

1-2500 friends= 15€ for 2.5k friends

2500-5000 friends= 32€ for 5k friend

Prices per account: 11-50 accounts

1-2500 friends= 14€ for 2.5k friends

2500-5000 friends= 30 for 5k friends

Prices per account: 51-100 accounts

1-2500 friends=13€ per 2.5k friends

2500-5000 friends=28€ per 5k friends

In all those prices the following IS included:

– daily using of each accounts (mostly posting music videos)

– unique pictures (I am using pictures of people from other countries)

– one proxy per account

– phone verification- one real mobile SIM phone number per account


Western Union– my country is not supported by PayPal, although if you are buying less than 5 accounts you can pay to my friend’s PayPal

or any other method when you can transfer money, except PayPal